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Dj Blackk the Blacksmith

Djblackk the Blacksmith was born and raised in Chicago, Il. and started his musical interest at an early age.  Inspired by many artists such as Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Mike Dunn and Dj Hilton, he started mastering his craft spinning at house parties and events during the mid-80's. He moved on to become a hiphop battle dj winning many competitions such as The Beatdown Battle.  He is a drummer by trade and has worked with several major artists in the diverse fields of the entertainment business and continues to live out his dreams of sharing his first love, music, with people of the world.

Dj Lawrence

Dj Lawrence started out in the underground house scene in Chicago Illinois in 1987. DJ Lawrence was inspired by Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles and Jamie 3 two six, all pioneers in the Chicago house music scene. He plays soulful house, jacking house, old school house and all other house genres. His love of house music has lasted for more than 20 years. DJ Lawrence brings years of experience to the house music community.

Dj 17

 Dj 17 has been playing music and dancing to House Music since he was 14 yrs old. He was blessed by Ron Hardy,one of Chicago's Legend House Djs of Muzic Box. He's played at Jungle, Projects party, and one of the best underground house spots in Chicago, DHS. Now he's a member of the hottest dj crews on Urban Soundz Radio.

Deejay Alee

Alee was introduced to house music in 2015 and became admin for Urban Soundz Radio when the station began in 2016. She developed an interest in mixing music from listening to the live shows weekly. Alee quickly learned how to mix music and has earned her spot as deejay Alee on Urban Soundz Radio.

Dj Lakey

Dj lakey started djing from the young age of 15 as a bedroom Dj and then grew to clubs, raves and radio stations.He has his own mixing style and plays the very best in house, garage,reggae dancehall,trance,drum heads,jungle happy, UK hardcore, and many more.His latest endeavor is spinning right nere on www.urbansoundzradio.com

Dj @Phill Fountayne

Dj @Phill Fountayne is from the  South side of Chicago and has been dj'ing for 20 years. Dj Lil Louis & DJ Rush inspired him to be a different type of House Dj and I ran with it. He is currently spinning from northern Illinois through Wisconsin 4 to 5 days a week in clubs playing everything from hip hop to house music. His primary focus is introducing the world to this new tribal funky disco, city to city and club to club.


Annatomic has been dj'ing for 10 years "out" but behind closed doors. She's been promoting, mixing and collecting tracks for over 20 years. Her and her husband, EHolla, owns 'Get Hype Entertainment' and now reside in Springfield, IL.  You can find her with her crew at Saturday Night Mix Lab. Her heart beats house music but ensuring she stays musically balanced, she can mix hip hop, reggae and other genres.  That way, she can play to the mood and vibe of the crowd but also keep it dynamic and sexy.

Dj EHolla

Dj Eholla is a DJ/Entertainer from Southeastern Wisconsin/Chicago land area. He has played in clubs and private events for over 20 years and is currently living in the Springfield Illinois area. He believes life’s full of choices so he’ll play any kind of House, Reggae or Hip Hop music. He plays what he enjoys and does not worry about getting the cleanest mixes all the time. Perfection is overrated. Sometimes a song wants to be played so we have to throw it in. He likes to scratch and do tricks a little but does not consider himself a battle DJ. He just  likes to play a good mixture of old and new music and  feels as a listener and DJ, he would want more variety. 

Dj Phelo

James “Dj Phelo” Calmese continues the HOUSE tradition of blending mixtures of smooth Soulful House, Disco Edits, and Four-on-the-Floor heaters as experienced from his roots of the Southside of Chicago. Phelo began this journey in the late 80’s and will continue this journey (most likely) until his day of rest.  Every meticulously selected track is based off an emotion he wants to share with his listeners.  “My goal is to share my mind and emotions with my audience through a musical journey.”  “Phelo” is currently a member of “the Saturday Night Mix Lab Dj’s” based in Springfield, Il.  Most recently, he joined a talented group of Dj’s on Urban Soundz Radio.  He has played on various venues and with various different Dj’s, from Chicago to St. Louis.  Always looking to build this HOUSE “Brick by Brick,” His ultimate goal is to play on the national/international circuit.  So keep your eyes and ears open…..

Dj Kevin Rucker

DJ Kevin Rucker originated from Philadelphia, PA. He has been spinning for over twenty years and is an avid music lover of everything that is soulful. He strives to bring good feelings to his fans through the good vibes that he creates. To learn more about this rising star, check out his personal website: djkevinrucker.podomatic.com or you can catch him right here on urban soundz radio.

Dj Mario

Mario is the co-founder of R3, a kickass DJ, and would-be record producer. His fans know him as “Mario” or “DJ Ribtip” when he has played obscure venues or other styles such as techno. Upon reaching a tipping point with the music selection available and his growing discretions, he decided that the choices available to him had become stale and common to any other DJ. Quickly learning that he could not write music for himself, Right Round Records was born, giving him access to music that would distinguish from the masses.  Starting out, Mario played trance in the mid 90’s Arizona desert scene. In 1998 he moved his focus to house music and thing took off from there. Mario blends trance and funk sounds and styles with house for a unique and uplifting vibe from multiple sources. All of Mario’s music selections available here were recorded live and on the fly. Please enjoy and “keep on dancing.”


Dom aka Dominique started from jumpstreet with USR launching the station's website and playing a major role in brainstorming innovative ideas to ensure the best experience for our listeners. She was born with the love for music and shows as a great asset to the station's administrative staff.  She's more of the behind the scenes part of the station, but the "Mama" of the family nonetheless. Also married to co-owner, Djblackk, she looks forward to the station's prosperity and advancement.